Your Say More Consultant:
Elizabeth Sargis

At heart, I love to communicate. I love talking, writing, editing, creating, presenting. If it involves words or pictures that make complex ideas accessible, I love it. And I love helping other people communicate better.

The top ten things to know about me:

  1. I am a leader.  When there isn’t a way, I make one. I lost my job to COVID-19, so I founded a support group to serve others in the same position. I am proactive, and I don’t like to sit still.
  2. I’m smart. I’m an avid learner and thinker. To hone my cultural understanding, I listen to NPR, watch PBS, read the Wall Street Journal, and devour more than 20 nonfiction books a year.
  3. I learn fast and go deep. I onboard quickly and deliver value early even when new to an industry.
  4. I have diverse aptitudes. My experience spans higher education, scientific research, healthcare, technology, economics, management, employee relations and benefits, civil rights, religion, real estate development, law, and more.
  5. I live for quality. When I take on a project, I deliver excellence. My technical writing on endodontic treatment–the dental procedure otherwise know as “a root canal”–won a Golden Pencil from the Chicago PRSA.
  6. I get results. I ensured an uneventful California shop closing through culturally sensitive community relations. I improved patients’ experiences with root canal treatment with compassionate educational materials. I ensured that dentists and endodontists learned to serve patients better by researching and producing training on patient satisfaction. I improved the efficacy of fundraising materials that raised more than $20 million for scientific research and capital improvements.
  7. I believe in the power of storytelling. Stories influence decision-making in ways data, marketing, and advertising cannot.
  8. Positive personality! People respond to my sunny disposition and enthusiasm. I have presence, listen carefully, and write with authority. I easily earn people’s trust because they know that I truly care about them.
  9. I’m a team player. I flex when needed. I motivate myself but love to collaborate.  I also thrive on criticism.
  10. I have diversity and inclusion training as well as varied life experiences. I grew up on a farm, went away to college, then spent several years living in Chicago while working for an international organization on the Magnificent Mile. I lived for two decades in a large Chicago suburb. Recently, I’ve made my home in a rural town in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri. I relate well in various cultures and with many types of people.

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