Illinois Residents Need More Options for Disposing of Food Scraps

Sending organic material to landfills cuts landfill efficiency and life-expectancy. Diverting organic material to composting helps prevent climate change by reducing methane release from landfills. Composting recycles organic material into nutrient-dense soil but presents many challenges that require public education to encourage participation. Illinois ranks fourth in the nation for the amount of food wasteContinue reading “Illinois Residents Need More Options for Disposing of Food Scraps”

Crisis-level Unemployment Among Workers Over 50 Demands Government Intervention

Millions of older workers have lost ground in the post-COVID-19 economy. Without pressure from the government, employers are unlikely to abandon discriminatory layoff and hiring practices. As a result, our economy will suffer, and our elders could lose their financial footing and, worse yet, face a diminishing quality of life. In an era when a 77 year old can be elected president, surely an experienced 51 year old who wants to work should get a fair chance at employment. Congress must act quickly to help.

Shift in GDP Landscape Demands Public Investment in Broadband

Although the pandemic initially hurt GDP, it created an opportunity to test work-from-home options. Many workers and firms now explore expanded options for arranging their work and personal lives. As those firms adapt to lingering pandemic realities, the U.S. GDP landscape will experience a shift from domination by fifteen top cities to more opportunities for growth in suburban and rural communities. To adequately access these expanded opportunities, workers in all areas need reliable high-speed internet. The U.S. government has a moral obligation to act to ensure such access.

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